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SBStop Pad

SBStop Pad - Black RubberInside edge of boot
Price: $19.95


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The SBStop™ allows snowboarders to anchor down their boards on the snow and secure their boot from a standing position. No more fatigue caused by straining to raise up to your feet from a sitting position on the snow, or waiting to get a seat on a bench.

SBStop Specifications:
  • Pad Type: Durable flexible rubber with friction bumps on top and bottom designed to maximized friction.
    • Dimension: 2" in radius in a half circle pattern.
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Retractable Reel with Boot Clip.
    • Dimension: 3.75” long (overall) , 1.57” diameter
    • Cord type: Black nylon cord
    • Cord length: 30” long
  • Safety Cord made of 1.8mm black high strength tightly woven cord.

Configuration: 0002 Goofy