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    In 2014, we launched our small Denver based company to help maximize the snowboarding experience in our wonderful Colorado Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts. We are a family of snowboarders and have been boarding for several years.  One of the things that we discovered was the difficulty and energy expended just getting off the snow from a seated position when securing our rear detached boot.  By the afternoon, our arms and abdomens were tired and thus we became tired and generally shorten our day. After a few seasons, the founder of this company invented a simple device to keep snowboarders upright and standing when securing their unattached rear boot into their binding in preparation for heading down the slopes. The SBStop™ was invented to stop the snowboard from sliding on the snow and let the boarder mount their rear detached boot from a standing position. The SBStop holds the snowboard steady like an climber's ice pick in a wall of ice.

Our Mission

  • The SBStop™ or SnowBoard Stop - created to improve the snowboarding experience for everyone; young, old, beginners, intermediates and experts. 
  • No longer are snowboarders forced to sit on the snow or find a bench when securing their boot to their binding to begin snowboarding. 
  • The SBStop™ allows snowboarders to stabilize their boards on the snow and secure their rear unattached boot from a standing position. 
  • No more fatigue caused by straining to raise up to your feet from a sitting position on the snow, or waiting to get a seat on a bench if there is one provided. 
  • The SBStop™ saves you time and effort, allowing you to spend more time on the slopes.

              Mount your snowboard standing up
                              in 5 easy steps.

How To Use:      

1. Extend SBStop Pad from reel               2. Slide SBStop Pad under board edge     3. Step to binding
Place stake end through rope loop            Anchor stake in snow           Step to binding
4. Fasten binding straps                           5. Lead on back edge and release pad      Start snowboarding.
Fasten strap              Position boot             Start snowboarding